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Jollity & Is it or is it not! will be screened at the 6th edition of Emirates Short Film Festival 2019 on 24th February @ VOX Cineplex Grand Hyatt, Dubai

Game on!

Horror short film "Welcome Home!" is competing @ 15 second horror film challenge 2018.


Hello Brazil!
Another official selection @ the 10th edition of Lobo Fest-International Film Festival 2018 in Brasilia, Brazil. We are competing for Best International Short Film Award. 

Another cool selection!
Animated short film " Stop or Melt! " is  going to Poland this time & will be screened @ the New Earth  International Film Festival 15- 21 October 2018, Krakow,Poland

Olá Portugal! Another cool selection!!

My short film "Conscience" will be screened @ the 8th Faro International Short Film Festival, 20-25 August 2018, Portugal.

Its official!
Short film "Stop or Melt!" will be screened @ the 17th  International Animation Film Festival Hiroshima 2018, Japan. 23-27  August.
It will be screened under two categories:
Animation from the World & Animation for Peace. 


My short film "Conscience" is an official selection @ the 8th Slum Film  Festival,Kenya 2018. This year's theme is "The New Environment". The  mission & vision of this fest is to discover, inspire & equip  young independent film and theatre artists from the slums around Nairobi  with practical skills to develop and sell their concepts, as well as  use film as a key tool for promoting social change within their  communities.
Founded in 2011 in Nairobi, the Slum Film Festival is a community-based  annual film event featuring stories from, by, and about people living  in urban slums. It is both a celebration of the creativity of filmmakers  living and working in slums, as well as an opportunity to promote –  through a week of outdoor screenings – a diverse range of films within  communities with limited or no access to cinema.The Slum Film Festival  is a joint project hosted by Slum-TV and The Hot Sun Foundation, and  supported by World Friends, the Royal African Society, and the Embassy  of Spain (Kenya), and the Alliance Française. 

This is awesome!
Animated short film "Stop or Melt!" is in  the final top 10 and will be competing @ the 16th edition of Vaasa  Wildlife & Nature International Film Festival, Vaasa, Finland.
26-30 September 2018. 

A message from 2018 Children's International Film Festival,USA.
Hi Danish,
 We wanted to send you a note, thanking you for having your film screen  at this year's Children's International Film Festival in Western North  Carolina!

Your film "Stop or Melt!" was shown to students across  Catawba County in Western North Carolina during the week of April  25th-29th, 2018. Your film was shown multiple times during the week to  groups of 100-300 student each time, either in the school's auditorium or in a local arts center.Your film was listed in the agenda that each teacher and school representative received.

 We were so excited to have your film part of our Children's  International Film Festival this year! Your film has had a positive  impact on the school children that were able to attend the festival last  week, and we are certain it will either help some of them strive to  become filmmakers themselves or just have a greater appreciation for art  from around the world.

Children's International Film Festival

This is awesome!
Two of my short films, “Conscience” & “Stop or Melt!” (with Josep Calle) will be screened @ 11th Fest Anca International Animation Film Festival, Slovakia. June 28 – July 1st, 2018. 

Short film "Conscience" is an official selection @ the Green Planet Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival. May 7-12,2018. Barcelona,Spain.

 Official selection!
My short film "Conscience" will be screened @ the 10th CMS International Children's Film Festival [ICFF], Lucknow, India.
Screening dates: 8th & 11th April 2018.
Section: World Cinema 

 " Stop or Melt! " is an official selection @  9th CinemìCinemà International Short Film Festival, Tuscany, Italy. March 23-24. 

Hello Tunisia!
Stop or Melt! is an official selection @ Green Gabes Film Festival, Tunisia.
15-18 March.

 Another  great selection! "Conscience" is the official selection of 8th MystiCon Independent Film Festival,USA. 23-25th February 2018.


Another cool selection! "IS IT OR IS IT NOT!"@ Pakistan International Film Festival from March 29th-April 1st 2018. 

 I am proud to announce:  Our animated short film " Stop or Explode! " has won an award. (with Josep Calle)  
Animated short: " Stop or Explode! "  Category: Ad films/PSA   Position: Second runner up 

 Great news!
 My short film "Conscience" will be screened at Emirates Short Film Festival 2018 on 26th of January. From 1 pm.
 Venue: VOX Cinemas Cineplex Grand Hyatt, Dubai. 

 Official selection:  
 Animated short film "Stop or Explode!" @ 15th Frames International Film Festival, Mumbai, India.
 9-11 January 2018. 

 Another cool selection!
 Animated short "Stop or Explode!" @ Molodiya International Social Advertising Festival 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

 Couple of lovely messages from the 9FilmFest Festival Director.
Congratulations!   9Fest is honored to select your film "Conscience" to be screened this   year! I loved your short film with such a clear message! Excellent  work!
 & (post-screening feedback)
 Dear Danish,
 People smile and like your film. It has a good message and speaks for itself. You did a good job.


 Hello Bangkok!

 "Conscience" is an official selection at the 5th 9FilmFest which will take place on 16-17 December in Bangkok,Thailand. 

Another milestone with Josep Calle (kaspafilms) in collaboration with (danishjalilfilms)  A message from We The Peoples Film Festival 2017 @ British Film Institute,London,UK.

It was an absolute pleasure to screen your short films on Saturday.(18th November)
Your short films moved so many people and I am sure you will continue to make short films of this nature.

 I wish you all the best on future projects!

Best wishes,
We The Peoples Events Team

 Another awesome selection!
Animated short film "Stop or Melt!" will  be screened @ interfilm  Berlin (33rd international short film festival)  20-26 November  2017,Berlin,Germany.
 Section: Green Film Competition / ECO1- Earth Adventures…/competitions/green-film-award.html

 Another cool selection!
Animated short "Stop or Explode!" @ Molodiya International Social Advertising Festival 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Hola Peru!
Animated short "Stop or Melt!" will be screened on 19th of October @ INKAFEST film festival 2017, Peru. 

 Great news!
Stop or Melt! is an official selection @ 24th Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA).  

 Official Selection!
Short film "Conscience" will be screened @ International Children's & Youth Film Festival (Cine-forum) section, Calibelula, Colombia on 25th of October 2017. 

 Italian Premiere!
My film "Conscience" will be screened @ Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival in Italy on 8th of October 2017. 

 And the countdown begins….
My short film ‘Conscience’ will be screened at the 2017 VIVA Film Festival competition in Sarajevo on 14th of September. The festival runs in all cities across Bosnia & Herzegovina from 13-17 September. 

 Përshëndetje Kosovo!
My short film "Stop or Melt!" with Josep Calle will be screened at DokuFest International Documentary & Short Film Festival on 11th of August 2017 in Prizren,Kosovo. 

 Hola Mexico!
My short film "Conscience" will be screened @ the Stop Motion MX Competition, Mexico City, Mexico.
17-19th of August 2017. 

 Great news!
My short film " Conscience " has been selected to participate in 21st SICAF Film Festival in Seoul. 

 Dear Danish Jalil,
I write to congratulate you because your film 'Conscience' Directed by Danish Jalil achieved the Best Short Film Award (Ist) at 2nd Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival.
Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival. 


Another awesome selection! @ International Nature Film Festival , Godollo, Hungary 26-28 May 2017. with Josep Calle

 Ciao Torrino!
Our short film "Stop or Melt!" will be screened at the 20th CinemAmbiente – Environmental Film Festival May 31st – June 5th 2017, Turin, Italy. 

 Screening of short films, "Stop or Explode!" & "Stop or Melt!" at Emirates Short Film Festival- EGHQ ,February 2017, Dubai, UAE. 

 Hello Tehran!
Official selection at the 11th International 100 seconds film festival competition, 22-24th February 2017 Tehran, Iran.
Animated short film "Stop or Melt!" in collaboration with Josep Calle 

 Short film "Stop or Melt!", My collaboration with Josep Calle, in the official section of the animation MICE (5th International Film Education Festival). From 24 to 28 February in Valencia, Spain. 

  My short film " IS IT OR IS IT NOT! " will be screened at iChill film festival 2017, Manila, Philippines. 

 Short animated film "Stop or Melt!" will be screened tomorrow at Animation Marathon 2016 Competition, Athens, Greece. 

 My short animated film "Stop or Explode!" with Josep Calle will be screened at MAHINA Arts Festival-Shorts,November 2016,Tonga. 

 My short animated film "Stop or Explode!"  will be screened at Festival Enmut Barcelona,Spain. October 2016.

 Short film "Is it or is it not!" has been selected to participate at Second Asia International Youth Short-Film Exhibition,(Wenzhou) China.